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Highland Beef

Highland Oxtail
Perfect for a wintry day our oxtail has just the right balance to provide flavour to the dish as wel..
Highland Rib Eye Steak
Our succulent Ribeye steak, also a winner of a 1 star Great Taste Gold award. Enjoyed by many. Avail..
Highland Rib Roast Bone Out
One for a very special occasion. The king of the roasts. our rib roast without the bone is wond..
Highland Rolled Brisket
A great pocket friendly roast, best cooked slow and low to enjoy its wonderful flavour. Highlan..
Highland Rump Steak
Great for a cheeky midweek meal without breaking the bank. A steak you can really get your teeth int..
Highland Silverside
Another great one for a Sunday roast or when feeding many. Remember to leave enough for a good few s..
Highland Sirloin Steak
A good robust steak great for a special dinner for 2. Well marbled and full of flavour. Available in..
Highland Steak Mince
Winner of a 2 star Great Taste Gold award, our minced beef is full of flavour without too much fat. ..
Highland Stewing/Diced Steak
Our award winning lean diced steak. Perfect in a steak pie or a hearty beef and vegetable casserole...
Highland Topside
This is a perfect Sunday roast, beautiful with all the classic trimmings. Best done as a potroast. A..
Whole Fillet
Tender Highland Drovers whole fillet something for a special occasion available as a whole piece lar..
Highland Beef Burgers
Fabulous steak burgers made using our own recipe. Perfect for barbecues or a quick tasty meal. Avail..