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Highland Burgers & Sausages

BBQ Variety Pack
BBQ Variety Pack 4 Hamish Burgers (Steak burgers with haggis centre) 4 Rump Steaks 4 Traditional ..
Beef and haggis olives
Our tasty Haggis is wrapped in tender Highland Drovers minute steak. Easy to prepare, a tasty dinner..
Haggis infused Hamish steak burgers
This soon to be world famous product created by Roy, Drovers manager; our Hamish Burger is our ..
Highland Beef Link Sausages
Delicious fried grilled or barbecued as a main meal, for breakfast, a quick lunch or in an old-fashi..
Highland Chilli Meat Balls
Delicious meat balls with a bit of a kick. Perfect with a rich tomato sauce over pasta. ..
Highland Chipolata
A bite sized version of our highland beef sausages ..
Highland Lorne Sausage
Traditional lorne sausage makes a great addition to a full cooked breakfast and is also a good alter..
Moroccan Lamb Burger
Hebridean Lamb Burgers make a great change from beef and the spicy rub gives a full-on Morroccan fla..
Moroccan Lamb Grill Steaks
Moroccan spices are hand rubbed into hebridean minced lamb and pressed into a grill steak. Fantastic..
Piri Piri Beef Burger
A new juicy, delicious beef burger that is going down well with our local customers and we are ..
White pudding olives
Our tasty White pudding is wrapped in tender Highland Drovers minute steak. Easy to prepare, a tasty..
Highland Beef Burgers
Fabulous steak burgers made using our own recipe. Perfect for barbecues or a quick tasty meal. Avail..