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Highland Beef

Haggis infused Hamish steak burgers
This soon to be world famous product created by Roy, Drovers manager; our Hamish Burger is our ..
Highland Beef Link Sausages
Delicious fried grilled or barbecued as a main meal, for breakfast, a quick lunch or in an old-fashi..
Highland Beef Olives
Our tasty sausage meat wrapped in tender Highland Drovers minute steak. Easy to prepare, a tasty din..
Highland Beef Rib Roast Bone In
Perfect for a special occasion when you’re feeding a crowd, such a Christmas or new year. Wonderfull..
Highland Beef Taster Box
A great selection of some of our favourites.. Includes a Highland beef topside roast (average wei..
Highland Black Pudding (4 Slices)
A smaller portion of our traditional black pudding. ..
Highland Black Pudding Stick
Traditional black pudding a great addition to breakfast on a potato scone with mushrooms. Can b..
Highland Braising Steak
Best slow cooked and wonderful in a beef bourguinon. Available in 500g packs. ..
Highland Chipolata
A bite sized version of our highland beef sausages ..
Highland Fillet Steak
Tender Highland Drovers beef fillet of a good thickness sold in steaks or, should you want something..
Highland Haggis
This well-spiced, traditional, Scottish haggis is made as it always has been; perfectly seasoned and..
Highland Lamb Kebabs
These delicious lamb kebabs come in a pack of four and are good for a barbecue or grilled served wit..
Highland Lorne & Black Pudding Slice
A bit of both.  Our highland beef lorne sausage with a tasty nugget of black pudding in the mid..
Highland Lorne Sausage
Traditional lorne sausage makes a great addition to a full cooked breakfast and is also a good alter..
Highland Minute Steak
Thinly sliced minute steaks for a quick steak sandwich or a salad with a difference. Cooks within se..